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The Technology Academy, serving high school students from throughout the district, offers a small learning community environment housed on the campus of Kent-Meridian High School.  All Kent School District high school students are eligible to apply for available spaces on an annual basis beginning in January of each school year.  A student lottery is held to determine student selection.  Application forms are available online at the Technology Academy website.


The focus of the Technology Academy’s academic program is to help students develop the skills they need to thrive in the 21st Century.  Students learn these skills in a technology-rich environment where all students have personally-issued laptop computers available to them twenty-four hours a day during the school year.  Project-based learning, involving real-world projects and problems that develop student knowledge and skills, forms the primary instructional approach used by teachers in the Technology Academy.  The key elements of 21st Century learning include a focus on core subject knowledge, using 21st Century tools, connecting with the broader world, digital literacy, inventive thinking, effective digital-age communication skills, and high productivity.  Students have access to advanced career-oriented software to use when completing project-based learning activities.  By being challenged with the 21st Century skills set and a more self-directed instructional approach, students acquire the skills they need to be both academically prepared and workforce ready when they graduate.


Core academic courses include English, mathematics, science, and social studies taken within the Academy.  Juniors and seniors may take International Baccalaureate (IB) courses to pursue college options within the KMTA setting.  Other elective courses, including are taken within the greater KM program.  Technology Academy students are also eligible to participate in all Kent-Meridian athletics, clubs and extracurricular activities.