High School Course Catalog

International Baccalaureate Programs

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is recognized worldwide for providing 11th and 12 grade students with a challenging, college-preparatory curriculum. Known for its rigor, authentic assessment design and international focus, both private and public schools have adopted the IB curriculum. Graduates from the IB Diploma Programme are highly valued by universities throughout the world. Kent-Meridian High School offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, but it is available to all juniors and seniors in the Kent School District.


Students who choose to become IB Diploma Candidates complete coursework and assessments in six curricular areas during the junior and senior years. Diploma candidates must also write a four thousand word research paper known as the Extended Essay, complete the Theory or Knowledge course, and complete and reflect upon 150 hours of Creativity, Action, and Service.


Students and parents must recognize that success in the IB Diploma Programme depends on a commitment to academic work during the 11th and 12th grade years. Solid academic skills, the willingness to manage one’s time, and motivation are essential requirements for IB Diploma Candidates. In return, IB Diploma students are absolutely prepared for college. Students who pursue the IB Diploma have the skills and background to succeed beyond high school in the most competitive academic environments and may receive significant amounts of university credit. While each university creates its own policy regarding IB exam credit, it is not unusual for a Diploma graduate to receive 20 or more quarter credits.. For more information on how universities award credit for IB exams, please visit the International Baccalaureate website.


Students who would rather not take on the many responsibilities of the full IB Diploma can opt to take individual IB courses their junior and senior years. Students completing individual classes may take assessments that potentially earn university credit, much like Advanced Placement examinations.


IB examinations require the payment of an exam fee. Students enrolled in IB classes are not required to take fee-based examinations, although all students are encouraged to do so. In addition, students who qualify for free/reduced lunch have 90% of their registration and exam fees paid by the OSPI.


For more information about International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, please contact your school counselor or the KM IB coordinator.

International Baccalaureate Classes

The following is a list of IB courses approved by the Kent School District.  The “(SL)” or “(HL)” designation in the title indicates standard level (one-year course) or higher level (two-year course).  All IB courses are held at Kent-Meridian High School.  However, not all approved courses listed below are offered each year.  For more information on the IB program or IB current offerings at Kent-Meridian High School, please see your school counselor.


Group 1:  Primary Language

IB English I-II (HL)

IB English III-IV (HL)



Group 2:  Secondary Language

IB French V-VI (SL)


IB Spanish V-VI (SL)

IB Spanish VII-VIII (SL)

IB Spanish (HL)

IB Japanese V-VI (SL)

IB Japanese VII-VIII (SL)


Group 3:  Individuals and Societies

IB Psychology (SL)
IB History I-II (HL) (First Year), History of the Americas
IB History III-IV (HL) (Second Year), 20th Century Topics
IB World Religions I-II (HL)


Group 4:  Experimental Sciences

IB Chemistry I-II (SL)

IB Biology I-II (HL)

IB Physics I-II (SL)


Group 5:  Mathematics

IB Mathematical Studies I-II (SL)
IB Mathematics Standard Level I-II (Calculus)
IB Mathematics Higher Level I-II (Beyond Calculus)


Group 6:  Arts and Electives

IB Art Studio I-II (SL)
IB Art Studio III-IV

IB Theory of Knowledge

IB Theatre Arts I-II (SL)

IB Theatre Arts III-IV (HL)