High School Course Catalog


P.E. Waiver
A waiver from the P.E. Requirement is possible. The P.E. waiver may be granted for a physical disability, religious belief, participation in one complete season of an interscholastic athletic program, cheer, dance in two or more sessions, participation in JROTC, or for academic reasons. No student will be granted a P.E. waiver to fulfill additional academic requirements if he/she has taken a study hall, a non-credit work release, a student teacher assistant and/or a student office assistant in grades 9-12. Students and/or parents must complete a form and submit it to the building principal to obtain a PE waiver. The health graduation requirement cannot be waived under the PE waiver option.


Other Waivers
A student or parent(s) may submit to the principal a request to waive non-statutory or local course requirements. The principal may waive requirements when it is in the best interest of the student. When a course requirement is waived, it will be recorded on the student’s permanent record.


Credit for Courses Taken Outside the High School Setting

Under certain conditions, credit toward high school graduation may be granted by the high school principal for courses from other approved schools, institutions, or the State of Washington Digital Learning Department approved online course list. Check with your school counselor for details.


Equivalency Credit

Several courses are referenced in this catalog for graduation credit in more than one department. Students may apply only 1.0 equivalency credit to the total credits specified for any language arts, occupational education, physical education, mathematics, and science.


Dual Purpose Course Options
Recent Washington graduation requirement changes allow students in the Class of 2016 and beyond to fulfill two (2) graduation requirements for one (1) course.  This “two-for-one” allowance recently enacted by WAC 180-51-067 enables students who take Career and Technical Education (CTE)-equivalent courses to satisfy two graduation requirements while earning one credit for the single course.  The purpose of this policy is to create flexibility for students to choose more elective courses or to address other graduation requirements.  A student completing an eligible CTE course and desiring to have the course satisfy two(2) graduation requirements should see a counselor to complete the Dual-purpose Credit Request form, initiating this action.



All courses listed in this book are available as elective credit, aside from those used by the student to fulfill a specific graduation requirement as described above.


Special Education

For special education students, it is the Individual Education Program (IEP) team that determines their graduation plan and needed accommodations, including the use of modified grading.