High School Course Catalog


Graduation requirements, authorized courses, and course descriptions, together with information to help students make wise choices for their high school education and future are contained in this catalog. Please contact the counseling office of the appropriate high school if there are questions that do not seem to be answered here. The phone numbers of the high school counseling offices are as follows:


Kentlake High School 253-373-4910
Kent-Meridian High School 253-373-7436
Kent-Meridian Technology Academy* 253-373-7446
Kentridge High School 253-373-7349
Kentwood High School 253-373-7380
Kent Mountain View Academy 253-373-7488
Kent Phoenix Academy 253-373-7542


*Note: Kent-Meridian Technology Academy (KMTA) is part of Kent-Meridian High School and is not a separate high school.  All KMTA classes take place at Kent-Meridian High School.