High School Course Catalog

Course Information Listing

All courses offered by the Kent School District are listed in the District Master High School Course Catalog. However, not all courses listed in the master are necessarily offered in each high school each semester. Click on a school to see just those courses offered at that school.


Listing of a course under a particular subject heading indicates the course qualifies for meeting subject-area requirements for graduation (state statutes specifically require some courses). In some cases, courses are listed under more than one subject area. These courses can be used to meet the graduation requirement in either subject area.


Prerequisites are designed to ensure appropriate entering skills in courses that require sequential skill development.


Some courses require teacher RECOMMENDATION or teacher PERMISSION. Teacher RECOMMENDATION means admission to a course depends on the student having the appropriate recommendation from a former teacher capable of evaluating the student’s eligibility for the course. Teacher PERMISSION means the student must obtain permission from the instructor who is currently teaching the course in order to be admitted to the course.

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