High School Course Catalog

High School Course of Study for English Language Learners (ELL)

English Learners (Els) are general education students who qualify for English Language Development (ELD) assistance, in addition to full participation in credit-bearing, graduation-track classes. ELD for high school EL students is delivered through Sheltered Instruction in content area classes such as science, social studies, math, fitness, and others. ELD is also delivered through Content-Based Instruction in ELA. EL students may take:

  • A credit-bearing grade-level Language Arts (ELA) class taught by a dual-certificated ELA/EL teacher. These classes are only offered to EL­qualified students.
  • A credit-bearing grade-level general education ELA class taught by an ELA teacher. These classes are open to all students.

EL students may also attend:

  • An elective language development class appropriate for their level of language proficiency, taught by an EL teacher. These classes are only offered to EL-qualified students.


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