What is the purpose of the School Payment System?

The system provides parents and students with an online option for paying for school fees and ASB purchases.


What is required to login to the School Payment System?

To login to the School Payment System,  the parent/student must enter  valid student information which includes:

Student ID #  (123456)

Home Phone #  (5551234567)

Student Birth Date  (mm/dd/yyyy)


How do I add a product to my shopping cart?

From the School Payment System selection page, click the button for the product you wish you to purchase.   The item is then added to the shopping cart.


How do I view the items in my shopping cart?

From the School Payment System selection page, click the “View Cart” button to go the School Payment System shopping cart.   You can click the   button to remove the product from the shopping cart.


What credit cards are accepted by the School Payment System?

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted.


What if my address is a PO Box?

During payment, enter ONLY the box number in the 'Address1' field under Billing Address.
Example: PO Box 123 would be entered as 123.
The address entered, including zip code, must be an exact match to your credit card statement or your payment will be declined.


How do I review my order history?

From the School Payment System selection page, click the “Order History”  button to view a student order history information.


Who do I contact for technical issues?

For technical issues, please contact the Customer Support Center at

 Phone:  (253) 373-7030



Where do I pick up my purchased items?

To pick up purchased items, please bring a copy of your receipt to your school cashier. No items will be released from the store without a receipt


How do I get a refund?

If you need a refund, please take your receipt and all merchandise to your school cashier. Refunds will be processed through the Kent School District Accounting Department Banking fees will not be refunded. All refunds will be issued by warrant (check) and will not be charged back to credit cards.